Day-Of Wedding & Event Coordination

Day-Of Wedding & Event Coordination

We’ll be offering a simple, no-frills wedding & event coordinating service for a reasonable rate.  What do we mean by no-frills?  We focus primarily on the staff/food/bar/pre-event planning/table-setup/vendor coordination and cleaning side of the event.  We’d like to offering decoration service, but we’ll leave that to expert vendors who are much better than us! We want to gain experience as wedding season comes closer and know that we can offer value.

Great Holiday Themed Cocktails For Your Party

The holiday season is fast approaching, and time is traveling at such a fast pace that feels like no one is waiting around for Halloween!  This means that for most event planners, holiday party season is almost upon us. Spectrum Events staff are no strangers to providing the best event staffing to many holiday parties throughout the year.  Since we are regularly asked, we’d like to offer some of the best holiday cocktail ideas that you can use for your corporate or home holiday party:

An Early Morning at Expedia!

In March we had the pleasure of bartending for Expedia employees at it's rebranding kick-off event.  It was an early morning to be at the local tech company.  We arrived at 6am so to have 500 mimosas prepared for employees when they arrived at work.  I took a lot of pictures so you can see the amazing prep job that Carlos did!